About Scorestars

Our vision

Scorestars vision is to build the best, most trusted, and most fan-centric destination for skin-in-the-game fans.

The problem

One of the biggest challenges in the world of modern fan engagement is the revolution in how sports coverage is delivered to the consumer. The modern-day audience prefers to consume sports content in a more snackable way on interactive platforms.

The sports fan of a few years ago was a much simpler beast. They consumed sport passively from a stadium seat or sofa, and through magazines and newspapers. Now, there is a myriad of ways for fans to sate their sporting passions, and sports organizations have to work much harder to reach them across this multitude of platforms. It's a challenge, but these new avenues also provide the rich potential to deepen engagement, extend reach and provide handsome commercial returns.

The solution

Scorestars aims to connect basketball teams and their fans through an interactive entertainment platform. Scorestars uses the historically proven model of basketball cards that have been digitized, which in turn allows basketball leagues to offer their fans additional entertainment options beyond the classic on-court experience.

Through Scorestars, any basketball fan can create a collection of cards from their favorite players, sell valuable cards and use the cards in a Scorestars game which results are directly linked to the games in the hall.

Our approach

We plan to focus on basketball first and build an accessible cross-league fantasy basketball game.

You are in command

Any sports fan has the thought that he/she should run the team better than that while looking at one of their favorite players. Scorestars provides you with an opportunity. Scorestars allows you to select or buy players, create matchups, and decide on a plan.

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