We are happy to announce the prize pool for the Scorestars fantasy winners. The first place will get the iPhone 15 Pro 128GB, season pass for all 2024-2025 Betsafe-LKL season games, two tickets to Citadele KMT Final Four in 2025, and Betsafe-LKL Spalding basketball. Second place will take home the Apple Watch Ultra, two tickets to selected games of 2024-2025 Betsafe-LKL season, original Betsafe-LKL merch, two tickets to Citadele KMT Final Four in 2025, Betsafe-LKL Spalding basketball. Third place gets original Betsafe-LKL merch, Betsafe-LKL Spalding basketball, and two tickets to selected games of the 2024-2025 Betsafe-LKL season.

There are also special competitions that will have great awards but are announced during the season. We are also giving away prizes for 4th to 6th place winners, who will get original Betsafe-LKL merch and unique prizes from Activus. The 7th to 15th place will get Betsafe-LKL Spalding basketballs.

Everything mentioned above is the prize pool for the overall competition that runs from the 30th of September until the end of the season. On Scorestars, there are weekly competitions as well which means that every week thereโ€™s a new chance to win something. On the 25th of September, all users can go to their account and claim free 30 cards to start playing the fantasy. By submitting a lineup for at least one game per week, all users will get automatically new cards as well as they can claim new cards to play with from the Marketplace or packs.

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