KMT Competition

Get ready for the ultimate KMT Final 4 showdown! From (date), top teams (4x) will battle it out for glory. And you can join the action too - as a digital manager of your own team on Scorestars!

Every manager has the option to claim a FREE KMT Booster Pack to upgrade the roster with the Final 4 players.

Submit your winning lineup and be in the running for a share of the amazing xxxx โ‚ฌ prize pool in gift cards.

1st place takes home

  • TBA

2nd place receives

  • TBA

3rd place

  • TBA

Positions from 4th to 10th

  • TBA

Play by the same rules as the main competition and score points based on player efficiency.

All LKL player cards are eligible, and all card tier multipliers are the same.

And if you have friends who are also interested, feel free to create your own private friends leagues!

Don't miss this chance to showcase your basketball strategy skills and win big.

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