Our team

Co-founder & CEO - Marek Kesküll

Strong software development project management background, experience in finance & sales, MSc in Business Information Technology.

Co-founder & CPO - Martin Lond

Two decades of continuous experience in business development, product ownership, ecommerce, sales, customer service, implementing new business processes and new software solutions. WEB3 expert. Basketball fan.

Co-founder & Head of Marketing - Samuel Vard

Sports fan with 4+ years of an experience in marketing, brand development, business planning, and connecting people. Been working with professional athletes and helping them to fulfill their dreams in sports. Also, worked with the Scandinavian leading fashion brands and grew their market share in the Baltic States.

CTO - George Kanailov

Tech guy who loves the IT, however, as much as I love technologies I like interacting with people, picturing and creating products that our customers would love. I'm a certified Azure Architect and Project Manager, game designer and mentor for students. I'd like to embrace the new IT trends as much as I can and try out new stuff. Ready to give it my all for the ideas and people that worth it!

CCO - Edvin Kristofor

Multifaceted experience in the field of graphic and 3D design. UI/UX design enthusiast. 4 years of business experience in the production and design of playing cards, BA in Digital Product Design

Advisor - Heino Enden

World Championship winner in basketball. Played for CSKA Moscow from 1983 to 1988.

Advisor - Ott Jalakas

Founder. Exited from Lingvist

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