Friends League

With the Friends League you can create your own league and invite your friends or colleguaes to compete in a private competition.

  • The scoring is based on the same leagues games under what the Friend League was created and rules as the other competitions.

  • Scoring and your private leaderboard are for the overall season. If you want to do shorter stints then you need to keep track yourself.

  • You can invite friends with your unique invite link found in the "Info" tab.

  • To join a league you need to have an user account on

  • One user can create up to five friends leagues.

  • Each league has to have a name.

  • One friends league can have up to 50 members.

  • Anyone can leave a league, including the creator.

  • Anyone can create a league and anyone within a league can invite others to join.

  • Anyone can leave a league, including the creator.

  • All card tiers are allowed.

  • If you use a card in the fiends league it is still available to use in other global competitions.

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