Quick start guide

Create your account at scorestars.io

Open your very first free Scorestars pack. Go to My Collection "Unopened Packs" tab.

You can upgrade your team by participating in weekly free-to-play competitions.

Alternatively, you can buy packs or find new players from the Scorestars marketplace but that is not needed to participate in the game and win.

Your performance in the manager game comes down to your skill of doing research what players are going to perform the best in the real life games.

Now itโ€™s time to have some fun, go to Play and place your team for the match day.

Your team can consist of 5+1 players. 5 players on the court and 6th man on the bench.

You can already enter your team to the competition if you have filled only one of the positions.

So which players should I add into my lineup? Pick players who you think will perform the best in real life, meaning: add players who are going to score a lot of points, grab rebounds and are good at stealing the ball from the opponent.

Scoring is based on the box score efficiency of the player real life performance.

Q: Is it reasonable to add the same one player into different positions if I have multiple cards of the same player? A: It could bring you really big points when that player is on a good day or you might get zero points when he shouldn't play at all. So it's all about your own strategy, consider all the possible effects. Please check how the scores are calculated from here.

Keep on mind that we are running several competitions in parallel throughout the season: different competitions are based on the card tiers with what you can play in a specific competition.

It's important to score points with every game to be at the top of the leaderboard. So keep coming back to submit your team.

Don't forget to join with our Discord server as there are loads of games and giveaways happening. You can also sell and buy cards with other users. You can join to our Discord by clicking here

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