Weekly prizes

  • Game week is Saturday, Sunday and Monday. For some exceptions the game weeks can extend until Friday.

  • Prizes will we given out after the game week has ended, usually on Tuesdays.

  • You can check the weekly leaderboard from: https://scorestars.io/lkl/play

  • Scores will reset on Tuesday

Common Weekly prizepool:

1st-6th Place: 2x Rare cards

7th-20th Place: 1x Rare card

21th-... Place: 2x Common cards

Rare Weekly prizepool:

πŸ†1st-5th Place

1 x Legendary card

6th - 10th place

1 x Rare card

11th - last place (including 0 or negative score if you submitted your lineup)

1 x Common card

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