Point bonus system

Bonuses work together with the player efficiency (EFF) score.

In Scorestars Play your cards earn you bonuses in three ways:

1. Card tier bonus

Which acts as a bonus multiplier for how many points can be earned with it.

The rarer the player card, the more points you get.











Hall Of Fame


2. Season bonus

Current season cards only have the card tier bonus.

Previous season cards earn you a minus bonus:

  • 1 year old cards -5% bonus

  • 2 year old cards -10% bonus

  • 3+ year old cards -15% bonus (lowest cap)

3. Captain bonus

You can assign one player in your lineup as the captain and that player earns you an additional +20%

NB! This feature is not yet operational and will be added during the season.

All possible bonus point calculations

All the bonuses are added together for a overall player bonus multiplier!

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